S/3 Publications & Books

Here is an overview of IBM System/3 related publications, books and manuals.


"New System for Small Business"
The IBM Newsmagazine, August 11, 1969
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"Alot of People Did Their Homework"
The IBM Magazine, November 10, 1969
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"System/3 Uses Monolithic, SLD"
IBM News, September 10, 1969
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"S/3: Comments, Reactions, Conjectures"
Datamation, September 15, 1969
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"Comprehensible computer"
DESIGN Journal, 1970
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"System/3 Programming RPG II"
Solomon Martin Bernard, 1972
ISBN: 0-13-881698-0
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"An introduction to computing: IBM System/3"
Jerome T. Murray, 1971
ISBN: 0-04-510037-3
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"Business System with Punched card data processing
and System/3 Model 10"
F. R. Crawford,  1973
ISBN: 0-13-107698-1 
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"IBM's 360 and Early 370 Systems"
Emerson W. Pugh, Lyle R. Johnson & John H. Palmer, 1991
ISBN: 0-26-216123-0 
Pages 443 - 451.
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"IBM System/3"
Pollux Evanste Kjerd (Ed.), 2011
Chrono Press 
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IBM Manuals:

An overview of early IBM System/3 manuals can be found in
"System/3 Bibliography"
IBM, September 1971

"System/3 Basic Assembler Reference Manual"
IBM, April 1975

"System/3 Model 15 Operator Control Commans Summary"
IBM, September 1980

Here is an (incomplete) overview of my collection of IBM manuals.